Chemical peels

about this treatment

Chemical peels improve the appearance and texture of the skin through the application of a chemical solution to the skin, which loosens the bonds between the outermost damaged layers, promoting the renewal of new skin cells.

This results in smoother, firmer and radiant looking skin.

Common areas treated are Face, neck, décolleté and hands.

AHA/fruit acid peels 


Treatment time



Cost: R630-R950

Who would benefit from a Chemical peel?

• Dull, tired looking skin
• Uneven texture
• Enlarged pores
• Breakout/ congested skin
• Sun damage

What results can be expected?

• Increased natural glow and radiance
• The condition of the skin is healthier, therefore, appear more youthful
• Fine lines and wrinkles become less apparent resulting in a smoother finish

How many sessions are Required?

A course of 6 peels with weekly intervals is recommended to actively treat a specific concern. Thereafter, maintenance treatments every 4-6 weeks are imperative to keep the skin looking radiant, ensuring lasting results.

TCA peels

(Tri-Chloracetic acid)

Rejuvenates the skin by reducing signs of ageing such as wrinkles and actinic keratosis (marks and thick spots in the skin associated with ageing). TCA softens wrinkles that appear due to repeated muscle contraction – around the mouth and eye area. TCA can reduce the distribution of sun-induced pigmentation, even out the skin surface and lighten acne scarring.


Treatment time

30 min


From R1310

Who would benefit from a TCA Peel?
  • Acne/problematic skin.
  • Sunspots, sun-damaged skin,
  • Dry, ageing skin,
  • Oily skin with enlarged pores
  • Acne scarring.
What type of result can be expected with TCA peels?
  • Fine lines and wrinkles soften over time
  • Skin tone evens out
  • Texture becomes more refined
  • Oily or acne prone skin is improved
  • Enlarged pores appear smaller
  • Superficial scars appear reduced
  • Skin appears healthier and more youthful
  • Sun Induced pigmentation is reduced in all skin type


What to expect after the TCA Peel?

A mild redness of the skin occurs following the procedure, followed by dark scaling that appears within three to five days and sloughs off after five to seven days.

Can all skin types be safely treated with a TCA Peel?

Most skin types can be safely treated with a low strength of up to 10 % TCA Chemical Peel without significant pain or downtime. Improvement can be seen in only 2 to 4 treatment sessions two weeks apart.